Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Holidays and Prosperious 2013.

To all my dear friends and families, I hope all of you are well and enjoying this New Year of 2013.
I have to apologize for not sending my usual end of year letter this time and not even sending emails to most of you you might had viewed my blog prior to this one and knew that while I tried as everyone adviced to slow down my village activities in the month of December, but it turned out been ever the busiest month since I came to Zambia this time.
Not only my physical movements the usual way as "busy bee" that one officer here called me so, but I have also been challenged with the possibilities to extend one year service here to work for PLARD and DOF Luapula Provincial offices. 
Which meant if my extension got granted, I will have one month home leave in May to see most of you all and come back to Luapula for another 12 months.  If so, it will be also good for me to see the school in Lukali Village be built as the wishes of all their villagers and myself.  I will let you all know once I hear anything from my superiors in Lusaka.

The case of building Lukali School I picked up in April 2011 and was closed while I was recoverying in Seattle.  I have picked it up again in October 2012.  On January 4th, 2013 I was told that this case has been approved by CDF government fund for 2013, but not knowing how big the scoop it is and when the action would be started.  I will keep you all posted when I know more about it.
Okay, go back to my blog routine from where I last posted.
Christmas Eve and Day, I was invited by Carmen and Mark, Rachel and Joe to be with all of them, with their usual local friends plus this time Mark's sister's whole family is visiting for four months..... but I stayed home instead and finished reading the book "Walking Home"......beautifully written of Alaska that I was familiar with.......
Toward the end of the year, my fourth time fingerling delivery to four ponds was on December 26th........I felt way better ever after.......
I went in to Mansa and made a Chinese farewell dinner for Mrs. Abila and children's return to Kenya and came back to one of Lake Bangweulu Beaches on December 30th be with PCVs camped there.  I came home late that afternoon for it is raining season, even I bought a tent and sleeping bag from one COSed PCV, I didn't even want try it just yet.
The New Year Eve day I was to joint them and spend whole day at the beach after my routine checking on my fish ponds, early morning, I got the text that all PCVs got pulled out from Samfya beaches and Boma (town center) back to Peace Corps house in Mansa.  Reason was that there was a case of robbery to two PCVs they stayed in guesthouse and got broke in to, etc......some told me that this has been in US TV news so I won't repeat it here.....
Carmen and Mark were so nice to extend their invitation to me and the two PCVs who's sites were long way to the other side from Mansa and stayed over night at their home also for the dinner and celebration of New Year's Eve.......togather everyone made dishes, deserts and all helped me on pot stickers, plus chacolates from turned out to be a great event.........
right after the dinner, I excused myself to go to bed..........
New Year's Day we all got ride from Carmen and Mark to take me home and take Ben and Diana to Musila junction to take bush taxi back to each of their villages.
January 6th I went to Mansa again this time for saying good-bye to Dr. and Mrs. Jonnson's returning Finland for their second time retirement.  In the Peace Corps house, I saw PCVs started to plan the transport for going down to Lusaka for "Close of Service" conference, and I am one of them too.
Time flys, I know, but never remembered as this fast.....
I have being in Zambia for eight months now and four more months to go.
Now I am in Lusaka and yesterday we just finished three days' COS conference in a beautifual resort named "Chaminuka".  While I was there I'd met with the owner Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Sardanis.  Mr. Sardanis hambly said that "It is their retirement home and just to share with publics." He also wrote few books and gave one "Africa" to my room mate Emily for Peace Corps library.  I will be the second one to read it after Emily.  Besides conferences, in the early morning and late afternoon we have cheese/wine drive of game drive to choose and I did three times of game drive.
Well, I have tried to load pictures to show you all what my activities since last week of December but some how this blog lost its function of selecting pictures from "browse" to upload.....Could any program been changed???  Hmm.....anyone can help me on this?  If not I will need to find another blogger to show you all my activities.......I am signing off for now.......
Wish you all have all your beautiful dreams come true with prosperities and happiness. 
Love you all,  Cheng       1/18/2013

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