Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I had done before Bob's vacation here......

I have scheduled for my right knee check up on Wednesday, November 7th in Lusaka due to my bysical problems, the hurt did not go away since July.  The Ambassador did offer me the ride to come down to Lusaka with one of his stuffs vehicles on Saturday, but I was thinking that I could have a few more days work with my farmers before my two weeks vacation at Bob's visiting here.  I was told to travel on day time bus, but it will go only on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Which meant I have to be in Mansa the night before in order to catch 06:30's departure.  Even if I will take Sunday bus that I will leave my post home on Saturday anyway, so I called back to Amanda and she arranged the ride for me and I was out of my post home late afternoon of Friday with Ba Sheroya.  We over nighted at Kabwe and arrived at Peace Corps house in Lusaka by noon.  It was way better than squeezed in any of the day time or night time bus to travel this 12 hours distance.
I am always amazed while passing the large wet land and the longest bridge on it in Africa.  People always catch the fish in any sizes, dry them and sale them at the road side.....
Came into Lusaka, there are lots of sports stadium, hospital.....large structures or road constructions that funded and / or worked by Chinese corporations or government.
I took effort to contact Fr. Clement Kangwa that he is teaching in Lusaka now, and had meet with his Superintendent. 
Visited his chapel. 
I have seen the Orthopedic doctor and he think MRI will be only way to see what is actually wrong with my right knee but the appointment can't be make until November 26th.  That's mean I have to stay in Lusaka after Bob goes back home.
Now I have four days to wait here till Bob comes and no medical reason to stay in Peace Corps house. Hmm......where shall I stay to wait???
Cheng 11/25/2012

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