Friday, November 2, 2012

The "DAY" the US Ambassador came to my psot home....

06:00 hours came and gone, no additional chairs or any officials farmers did come to make the furrow to drain the water in my front yard for it rained again the whole night, almost.
07:30 there were still somep sprinkles of rain....I called for the chairs, etc......"We were waiting for the vihecle and now we will be on the way.  If rain is still going, we might have to have the receiption in the near by Makasa Primary School." Fine, but be here soon......
There came the big arm chair and some office chairs and a large coffee table....okay, let's get the name tags on so people will know where to sit without asking.  It is 08:20 now.
"No, no, you have to have chairs for the securities just closely behind the Ambassador."
"How many of them?"
"Why no one told me ahead of time to request enough chairs?  Take the chairs for the Presses here, quick. Move the coffee table two feet to the front for these chairs."
"No, no, you need to leave room for people to walk throught.  You move those name tags to put them next row here."
"These are the people I want to present to Ambassador for their great help to my farmers. Do you want the Ambassador to stand up, turn around to recognize them???"
"Okay, okay, we do it this way, okay? Okay?"
I was thinking, what needed to ask again? I said, "Good, it is done and the next...."
"No, no, you are not happy. We can't do this if you are not happy."
"What? I said it is done and over. Didn't I???" 
Can't stop myself, "That was why I went told you all last week and I even had a map of what I want the sitting for all to be, even where to park cars.......why didn't you talk when I show it to you all? Even just yesterday when you all just began to be interested in this event???"
My-Oh-my...... "Let's move to next issue. It is 08:40 now."
Text came in "The Ambassador's group is runing a few minutes let, on the way now."
I told all these "helping officials", "Listen, they are on the way now there is no time for you to educate me to understand your way.  Just do the rest as you think right."
"No, no, than the one done it will have to take the blems."
"Blem all on me, okay? I need to get my farmers ready for it now."
Boy, oh boy, oh boy.....even to agree with them is still not right??? What's the matter here???
Abassador's group came in three vihecles, and I don't even know how many of them or most of who they were....I knew only the Ambassador and his secretary, Amenda - I assumed, for she was the first to check my site two days ahead. 
Plus I couldn't really see how many of TV, news and redio reporters they came in all together, in the front, at the side and all around....almost made me cross eyed...
Well, my farmers stood along side of the way in, singing, dancing, was a nice warm scene and came the visitors were all cheerful and attentive to the details of all....First step went well.
After all sitted, I did a briefing of my six months of work in Makasa area, I presented my dear friends and great helper to my farmers, headman, and all my farmers' groups - four members from each group (otherwise will take up too long the time), plus little story of this 17 year old Dimas Kaluba and we went to see the closest fish ponds. 
Amenda was so nice to take Dimas came see the Ambassador and had a picture taken during the pond visit.  Just hope Dimas stand up on his study and make a great example to all young Zambians that it is time for them to stand up for their own future.
Back to my insaka, all sitted again, the Ambassador had a speech appriased the work done here by my farmers and me and all......I just remembered that whole morning I did not have my camera with into house got camera and here I am, just now to realized that I had missed half of the Ambassador's speech for taking these pictures following. Great loss of mine.  Hmm....if I can ask Amenda for a copy of something.....sorry.....truly miss calculated.....

The Ambassador has been attentive, cheerful, sincere with his warm smiles at all times....
I felt so easy next to him, otherwise I might not be able to have my 12 minutes long briefing done half way as good....I've never think that I am a front stage person ever and never had a TV microphone and TV camera right at the front of my face and with all those recorders...... 
The Ambassador was taking all in while my farmer's represantative was giving a speach of thank you...and they never forget to put in some requests of material helps.... 
Crying of in poverty, see how many of them were in suits.....of course, this might be the only time in their life to see the big people come to their least it was said in their speach. 
Ambassador came down to shack hands with the speeker and all my farmers were so happy to see that had happened.......
Then the DOF Samfya - Ba Musonda gave the closing remark.....he was not too easy on these TV camera, microphone and all recorders either.....but done well with the Ambassador's warm attention. 
The Ambassador handed out gifts - a picture book for headman..... 
Books for farmers to pass around..... 
and a soccer ball to kids........whao, how wonderful that was.....the kid got the ball and run, but one stand-by farmer grasped him to give traditional way of thank you to the Ambassador. 
one of my farmer did the closing prayer....... 
After all left, the kids were having great time with the new ball......
All done well, thanks to the Ambassador and his group traveled with him and all the Press members to come and visite.....what a booster to my service here and the lifes of all my villagers.
Cheng  11/3/2012

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